Google SEO

Page Rank = Reputable + Relevant.

Narrow scope for greater expert.

Write frequently (update often) about what you are PASSIONATE about. Be INTERESTING.

Know your keywords.

URL/Title/H1 match or slight variant keywords. Use dashes in URL.

Know and use the search terms you target, use natural, descriptive and clear regular English. Don't over-do it. It WILL be reviewed by a human.

Categories are also good for key words.

Start small with a very narrow niche and grow. Do original research and reporting. Create controversy. Videos rank well.




- REAL WORLD Marketing for small business, bands, etc. / Artist direct

- Mind / psych / 30 day challenges - Redefine yourself, make small, sustainable changes / weird beliefs / dowsing rod for pot / Skeptic magazine

- New News of the world - stephen colbert of religion - funny / outrageous - marge on toast, backward recording. / create a news story.

  • Tony Robins worked
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Toast virgin Mary (stain?)
  • Dousing Rod
  • Happiness...
  • Changing your body language changes you...

www. or not.

<!-- google_ad_sense --> tags around content of post.

Analytics - can show which posts get the most visits. Expand/update those pages.

Reduce bounces by showing related content to keep them busy.

rel=connoacle - don't divide your page rank among pages. Determines which url is primary.

IP address protect your admin.


Contentbox Installed


Installed Contentbox today and it is a bit rough. It is looking significantly better, but the code is still pretty buggy. I see many great ideas implemented, but the UI is still really kludgy. After 5 minutes, I realize that in its current state, it does not meet my company's needs as a website builder. It is very much a blog... and I worry that it may be an over-engineered blog as well. I'll find that out after I dig a little deeper.




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